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QuestBotics: Prototyping a Tool to Help Sight Impaired Learners

Date: Monday August 14th, 2017

Where: Oysters & Pearls-Uganda (Gulu, Uganda)

Event: A QuestBotics engineer will spend time with blind students working to modify a QuestBot and Qubes so that the QuestBot and Quest Controller can be used by sight impaired students who want an introduction to coding.

Sign up: Click here to contact Oysters & Pearls-Uganda to learn more.

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Workshops are available in a 1 hour format.

QuestBotics has hosted workshops at libraries, Makerspaces, schools and camps. We are happy to travel to you or partner with your local organizations to offer a wonderful experience where everyone can learn with the QuestBots.

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The QuestBotics founders are award winning educators, engineers, technologists, artists and students. QuestBotics founders have taught technology for 15 years to students, professionals and Ph.D recipients. Our areas of expertise include rapid prototyping, programming, electronics, animation, video game design, kinesthetic teaching activities, microcontrollers, fiddly bits and wireless networks as well as other technical and educational skills. Huge proponents of the Maker movement and educators everywhere, we listened to the kids and the teachers to create something that anyone can enjoy and use to learn. The QuestBots have been designed specifically to help development of the STEAM skills all children need in order to be successful engineers, artists, mathematicians or anything… really!