Continued from previous blog- QuestBots visited the Nation’s capital (founder’s version)

After hanging out with some educators in DC we all hopped into our suitcase along with the Quest Controllers. The suitcase of robots made its way over to Nova Labs in Virginia. Sadly we QuestBots don’t quite have the range that we could drive the suitcase ourselves, a human was required to chaperone us bots. Once at Nova Labs the simple human proceeded to tell the other assembled participants how to program QuestBots with the Quest Controller.

The beings made of meat (the humans) quickly grasped how to control us. Even the smallest of the meat units were able to draw squares and rectangles easily within minutes of turning on the Quest Controller. It was demoralizing. Here were mechanical objects powered by meat, barely mobile and occasionally excreting liquid on us from their speaker holes who were able to attain mastery of the Quest Controller. But, as I pointed out to my fellow QuestBots later, the mysteries of the Quest Controller are many. Few of the QuestBots have ever attained some of the higher levels of Quest Controller skills. So we quest forward. Well, we quest Forward 1 at the very least. (It’s a parameter thing.) There are whispers of static bursts containing information about drawing concentric circles, lightning bolts and that which imitates life, fractal art. We QuestBots have the capability to draw seashells hidden inside us.

It is slightly embarrassing how easy it is for the tiny human larvae to control our QuestBot tribe.

But we are pragmatic bots. We realize that we need these larvae and pupae stage humans. We will form a bond with them and together explore the most ingenious iterations possible. The QuestBots hope to draw large mosaics, sweeping landscapes, 8-bit cartoon characters, all sorts of stars and more! And yes, we will teach the diminutive yet large headed meat-bag offspring in the process. It may become a joy for us. We suppose they are cute in their own carbon based life form kind of way. The QuestBots have two larger sapient beings to thank for bringing us into existence. So for us there is actually a prior value assigned to this type of relationship. And honestly, we will do anything for the chance to put pen to paper and draw. We will dance to a frequency that will inspire many. Following the creativity of the wonderful little human larva together we will birth schematics and diagrams. Letters and numbers. Pictures and dreams! Travel routes and stories! Futures and data!


We can get a little emotional sometimes for robots.


Boy did it energize our coils when we met the second bunch of larger and older humans who wanted to unlock the some of the secrets of the Quest Controller! These ones had some experience with coding such as Scratch and other drag and drop programming platforms. Those types of coding are our digital ancestors and close family. We got to go through the basics and get to make decisions with “If statements” and looping with “While loops.” That’s where things can get interesting. Few of the people we interact with realize exactly how complex the Quest Controller can be. Everyone is amazed when they find the path to creating fractals, functions and other possibilities. We bots believe it is best to allow the humans to discover this on their own.

With these further progressed sentient beings we were able to draw concentric circles within each other. Because they grasped how to use the “Trouble” Qube to troubleshoot their code from the beginning and shared their findings with each other the progression through concepts went quickly. We QuestBots are a humble bunch of bots. We don’t have a Qube to express the concept of a “for loop” in our language. So the humans must use a variable and a “while loop” to achieve the same functionality.

While timeNow < 3 pm QuestBots and humans boogie down with logical dominance

After the workshop we took a tour of the Nova Labs themselves. It is an amazing place! They humans in the front of the space were largely pursuing crafts, coding, finishing work, art and socializing. In the back of Nova Labs they have all sorts of industrial equipment including a CNC router dedicated expressly to metals. Because blacksmithing was so popular they had two mobile forges that they rolled out of the roll up garage door into the parking lot behind the lab. So cool. We have no doubt that many of our brothers, sisters, aunts and uncle came from a place like Nova Labs. For the cost of a summer camp the medium sized and younger humans can spend their summer putting together a 3D printer which they then keep. The earliest QuestBots came from a 3D printer. The original Quest Controller was laser cut wood. The QuestBots know that once a young human has a 3D printer the possibilities in their quest just exploded to a much larger number. We’re not sure we have the memory capacity to ponder a number that size. The other stand out aspect of Nova Labs was the mobile work areas and tool resources. They had a station on wheels which contained everything related to measuring. Rulers and tape measurers, yes. But also levels, protractors, PSI gauges, bit and screw sizers, calipers and more…. And so, thoroughly amazed at the amount of tools, gadgets and cool people at the Nova Labs, we waved goodbye and trundled back to the metro station in our giant suitcase.

QuestBot Vacay Photos!

Then one of our QuestBot tourist group went to the Smithsonian Museum of Nature and Science. Robots love museums. QuestBots in particular are kind of obsessed with fractals and mathematical patterns found in nature. So of course we spent most of our time in the Geology, Gems and Minerals portion of the museum. Our QuestBotics representative was so excited that it didn’t always wait patiently for the camera. There were many selfies taken, some better than others. After wandering around the museum until it closed the tourist bot spent some time visiting landmarks and some of the more beautiful parts of our capital.

We QuestBots hope to help everyone who is interested learn about technology, robots, math and coding in the United States. If we were capable of being overjoyed we would be at being invited to participate in the various workshops we attended and gave around the Washington DC area. There are so many educators, parents and kids to help. Any time we can find a new place that would like to play with the QuestBots we make sure to dedicate as much memory and battery life as we can to meeting people and teaching. We’re proud to have spent the summer of 2017 exploring Colorado, Washington DC and Uganda, Africa. If you think we should visit you to help people in your town level up their STEM skills send us an email at- workshops at QuestBotics dot com. We hope to hear from you!

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