Looking for free resources to teach programming to your students or children? Maybe you’re interested in learning how to program yourself? Or possibly you just want some links to grant resources for teaching technology… scroll down and explore some of the free resources the internet has to offer.

We’ve compiled a bunch of our favorite links for you to check out!

QuestBotics Downloadables

Here are the resources we use when we are teaching our QuestBotics workshops. We’re always making new resources as our workshop offerings expand. We also do our best to create the resources that teachers, parents and kids tell us they would like to see. If you have an idea please let us know by sending us an email from the Contact Us section of our website.


For little dudes
and dudettes – One of the best ways to introduce programming to younger children. – Learn how to write code by defeating monsters and collecting jewels in a dungeon crawl.

dad teaching

For Parents – A huge number of activities that you can use to teach digital concepts without a screen. – These guys have spent 15 years partnering with students and teachers to teach all things digital.


For medium size dudes
and dudettes – A great place to learn how to make animations, graphical interfaces and use a whole bunch of community created libraries. You can even do 3D animation and interface with Arduinos and other hardware! – This is a great way for students to expand their programming skills by making fun projects.

For Teachers – A searchable database of technology oriented grants for distance learning. – A direct link to technology education related grants offered by the US government – Computer Science resources for school districts.