Learn programming skills that all programmers use! With these Qubes you will learn data, logic flow, conditionals, If/Else statements, while loops, nesting, and many more programming skills.

  • 36 Qubes
  • Manual and challenges

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With these Qubes you’ll really make big moves in your quest to learn robotics. This Qube set and manual teaches anyone how robots and computers make decisions and remember information. By moving your QuestBot around and working through the challenges young roboticists can get a feel for logic flow, looping and more core technology concepts.

Available by November 15, 2019

Note: This Qube set is included in the K-12 Student Quest Set package

  • 36 Qubes
    • If (x2 Qubes)
    • While (x2 Qubes)
    • Then (x3 Qubes)
    • Else
    • End (x3 Qubes)
    • && (And) (x2 Qubes)
    • || (Or) (x2 Qubes)
    • ==
    • !=
    • > (x2 Qubes)
    • <  (x2 Qubes)
    • = (x4 Qubes)
    • X (Variable) (x 4 Qubes)
    • Y (Variable) (x  4Qubes)
    • ++ (Increment) 
    • – – (Decrement)
    • Pen (x2 Qubes)
  • Manual and challenges

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