QuestBots for the Sight Impaired

They had never done anything with robotics, coding or electrical circuits before, but they wanted to try. They were excited at the prospect of starting to control little machines and like most beginners they had many questions. They wanted to know how big the robots would be, what they could do. Was it possible to program the robots to clean their houses? And so I sat underneath an overhang out of the hot African sun and answered their questions. A handful of educators and I had been teaching robotics and other technologies in Gulu, Uganda for over four years so

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QuestBots visited the Nation’s capital (Roboversion)

Continued from previous blog- QuestBots visited the Nation’s capital (founder’s version)

After hanging out with some educators in DC we all hopped into our suitcase along with the Quest Controllers. The suitcase of robots made its way over to Nova Labs in Virginia. Sadly we QuestBots don’t quite have the range that we could drive the suitcase ourselves, a human was required to chaperone us bots. Once at Nova Labs the simple human proceeded to tell the other assembled participants how to program QuestBots with the Quest Controller.

The beings made of meat (the humans) quickly grasped how to control … Read More

QuestBots visit the Nation’s capital (founder’s version)

QuestBot and Founder visits the Smithsonian in Washington DC!

Ok. First things first. When you pack a suitcase full of robots make sure you weigh the robots first. You’re only allowed fifty pounds in your checked baggage and you may want to throw in a pair of underwear or socks as well. I wound up repacking everything at the airport and almost missed my flight because I had five extra pounds of robot than expected. Total amateur move, right?

So why was I headed to Washington DC with a suitcase full of robots? To do our first set of “official” … Read More

Warehouses and Robots

Written by QuestBotics founder Lindsay Craig

I like warehouses. I’m not sure why or when or how but I have become a person who finds himself in random warehouses, labs, and fabrication shops. During high school I worked on a hay crew and we filled warehouses, attics, and barns with bales of hay. There was an album drop hosted by Guerilla Gardens in a Denver warehouse where I danced until just about everyone else had left. I once saw a very impressive glass flamethrower demo in a warehouse. I built my first product out of a warehouse-turned-Makerspace in Longmont, Read More

Hello World (and Brain!)

Someone recently asked me to write a blog about what I believe is the most important aspect of technology education. I started to think about all the cool things that I enjoy teaching and what sounds impressive to students and teachers; things that get techies excited. We’re all obsessed with the next new big thing. The smallest machine or robot. The brightest laser or the most engaging software. The tool that gives more efficiency to the teachers in the classroom, better data to administration, or just returns that plain ol’ wow factor to information-saturated students. But the more Read More

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